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Bulk delivery from Chipman to Fredericton, Moncton, Saint John and surrounding area.


As orchard research is on-going and we are a working farm, tours are scheduled during the harvest weekends only or by appointment.  Please email or call 260-7400 to leave a call-back message.  Check the "What's New" page for our fall open house weekend schedules.  U-pick is open during harvest (mid September to mid-October weekends only).      For the health and safety of your pets, regulations do not allow us to welcome them on orchard. 


Orchard Location:  320 Redbank Road, Chipman, NB E4A 2B1  (once in Chipman, 2 minutes past the DNR Ranger Station).    

Approximately 1 hour from Fredericton and 1.5 from Moncton and Saint John.  RV touring vehicles can avoid the underpass by using the Harley Road via route 123.  10 minutes out of the normal path.

Our Approach

Organically grown to the highest Certified Organic and Kosher Standards.   Without the use of Herbicides, Pesticides, fungicides or synthetic growth agents and any soil enhancements and mulch are of an Ecocert certified organic approved source.  Varieties are extensively researched and carefully selected to ensure health qualities and market suitability. 

Our Company & our Home Town

Big Sky Ventures is proudly located in Chipman, N.B. and our berries are 100% Certified Organic and Certified Kosher.  We sell Sea Buckthorn frozen berries, juice, powder, wine, face cream and serum plus other value added Sea buckthorn products and are currently looking at tea leaf with other products currently under development.  An interpretative center and walking trail “Connie’s Way” are also a part of the Eco-tourism components during harvest time.  We have been fortunate to receive agricultural and technical training and advice from other successful Canadian Sea Buckthorn growers, crop specialists,  and scientists and hope you will see more Sea Buckthorn products at your local grocers, pharmacies, and retail outlets soon.

There are many licenses, certifications and permissions we have acquired for this new to N.B. organic crop including several provincial and federal licenses and approvals.   Additionally, we are N.B. Environmental Farm Certified, have been EIA approved to grow Sea Buckthorn and have obtained a certificate each year as a Certified Organic Orchard from internationally recognized EcocertWe are also members of Acorn Organics Atlantic and all staff are trained to work in an organic facility.   We have food safety certifications and a Perinnia Audit with HASSP and Canada GAP practices in place and are in the pre-audit phases.  We are also now Kosher Certified.


Certifications & Licences

Thank you!

As we finish our Sea Buckthorn harvest, Big Sky Ventures would like to sincerely thank our community, family and friends for its support and also extend recognition and appreciation to the hardworking staff, contractors and students.  We were fortunate to welcome many local and national visitors who already knew of this amazing fruit and are happy to see it available in Canada on this larger scale.  We couldn't do it without all of you.



Clay and Beth 

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