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What's New...2024.   next up:  Gagetown Valentine Market.  Aura Wholefoods on Westmorland in Fredericton now carrying our frozen Sea Buckthorn juice.  Our favorite health food store.  
Call Clay to pre-order your juice 506 260-7400.  

Sea Buckthorn - (not buckthorn)   What's in a Name!   

Ignite Podcast  search April 28/23

​Hippophae rhamnoides, (also known as sea buckthorn, seabuckthorn, sandthorn and seaberry) is a deciduous shrub containing over 190 bioactive substances.  It is recognized as one of nature’s most powerfully nutritious and healing potential plants offering one of the widest ranges of nutrients from a single source found on the globe, including Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals, Polyphenols, Omega Fatty Acids, Carotenoids, and Phytosterols.  

Big Sky Ventures Inc. grows certified organic and certified kosher Sea Buckthorn fruit and many value added products made with the highest standards and care.

Sea Buckthorn has been used for hundreds of years as a nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, environmental, cosmetic and culinary applications. 


Visit our HOW IT WORKS page to discover how Sea Buckthorn can work for you.  With 190 Bio-active nutrients, Sea Buckthorn fruit, seeds and leaves all have components that assist with cell regeneration, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.  Every part of the plant can be used including the juice, fruit pulp (powder) seeds, leaves, bark and oils. 

Images are either from our farm or professional

ones located  @ Sea Buckthorn online photos

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