New spots to check out Sea Buckthorn:  Fredericton Crowne Plaza, Calactus in Moncton, Moncton Little Louis Oyster Bar and Saint John Ale House, Mucho Gusto in Moncton with more restaurants coming on board soon. Check out Sequoia Fredericton Sea Buckthron smoothies..  Microbreweries Sea Buckthorn Beer: Big Axe Brewery and looking forward to mixing it up with local distillery. 

Sea Buckthorn Wine

$14.00 includes taxes

From berries grown on our certified organic Sea Buckthorn Berry Orchard. Delicious, subtle, refreshing and new.  More descriptions on each wine to follow....  also find wine currently at Armstrong Convenience in Chipman and T & L Convenience in Minto, Cochran's in Rothesay, Doaktown B L Convenience & Restaurant, Crossroads on the Hanwell with more locations to follow. Call for larger internet orders within New Brunswick or pick up on orchard. Also find us at the Fredericton Garrison Night Market each Thursday throughout the summer. 

Sea Buckthorn Juice Sold at Farm Gate or direct delivery/pick-up.

$15.00 / 500 ml bottle

100 % Certified Organic berries to make our Frozen juice.  1 to 2 oz. per day as a shot or mixed with 3 to 4 oz. of other citrus berry juice for a refreshing and powerful energy boost.  Add to sauces, desserts, smoothies, cocktails, baking, etc. to achieve that unique antioxidant tart balance.   

Berries in 1 lb and 1/2 lb bags plus our fine ground powder (chaff) in new packaging.

Berries per lb. $12 1/2 lb for $6. Powder (ground skin and seed (chaff) in new 50 g size $8

12 to 20 berries a day is all you need to start your path to a better you.  20 in your Magic Bullet and you will never see a full seed.  Add Sea Buckthorn powder to breads, salsas, smoothies, baked recipes, salads, etc.  POWDER ships safely and easily worldwide. 

Sea Buckthorn Soap


Moisturizing soap made with our pure berry juice plus a bit of sea buckthorn powder in the mix to help scrub dry skin leaving behind silky smoothness.  Also great for shaving.  Added bonus: works very well on Poe's sensitive dog skin. Soft and cuddly!

Sea Buckthorn Repairing Face & Body Serum oil

$30.00 plus tax

With the first ingredient being Sea Buckthorn, this oil is a mega-moisturizer packed with antioxidants.  We have added Rosehip and Frankincense oils and Vitamin E for supple, youthful skin.  An antioxidant formula that is rich in powerful moisturizing omegas 3, 6, 9, plus 7 noted for protecting the skin from aging free radicals.  Order through our email or find at Aura, Bowman's Pharmasave, Oromocto Galleria, Pat's Cookie Jar, Chipman Convenience, Sarah's Chipman, Minto T & L.

Sea Buckthorn Night Cream

$20.00 plus tax

Big Sky Ventures Inc. rejuvenating Sea Buckthorn Night Cream rescues the face with delicate hydration by promoting cell regeneration, and restores damaged cells leaving skin feeling supple and smooth. It has been developed by Elena Beyts in Woodstock. This facial cream has a very light natural scent for those who are sensitive to fragrance products. The developer: From Siberia, Elena is the definitive expert on Sea Buckthorn’s medicinal, nutraceutical and cosmetologically qualities. Using this super-fruit, as a young mother and a trained Shaman healer she persevered through the Russian food shortage in the early 90’s. Also an emergency room nurse, Elena has extensive knowledge and education on medicinal plants and formulations on how to prescribe Sea Buckthorn for internal and external uses and has developed this amazingly effective line of creams and serums using our local certified organic Sea Buckthorn fruit. Elena’s approach and knowledge toward healing was the right match for us and we are very pleased to introduce Elena and this product to you!

Modicum Skin Therapy

$27.00 or $55.00

Modicum is our fantastic line of skin therapy from Monica Behan of New York. In developing Modicum, Monica  brought on board a team of cosmetic chemists to help create and refine this formula to maximize regeneration. The healing principles of Modicum are based on her years of research on how to bring a health perspective to the skin. To find out more, go to  Thank you Monica.

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Love the wine your with!

Twisted Stick, Orchard Glow or Mellow Moon.

Sold at farm gate and direct delivery/pick-up sales only!

Delivering retail orders within Moncton, Fredericton, Saint John plus, plus!!!

Berries, powder, jelly found at Chipman, Minto, Doaktown Conveniences, Cockrans in Rothesay, Dolma and Sequoia's in Moncton and Sequoia, Aura in Fredericton, Victory Meat Market, Pat's Cookie Jar in Oromocto, Yarmouth Petrocan in Yarmouth, N.S..   (also shipping powder internationally)

Lightly scented with heavy or light Sea Buckthorn Powder exfoliating scrub in the recipe! - your choice.

Sea Buckthorn concentrated Face Serum -  light and absorbent that can be used on it's own or added to a body lotion, shampoo or directly on scars and burns.

Sea Buckthorn - Night Cream

3 light scents - Mango, Vanilla, or Lavender

Aura on Westmorland and Pharmasave on Priestman, Sarah's Freshmart and Armstrong Conv. in Chipman, The Galleria in Oromocto, Pat's Cookie Jar Oromocto, at the farm gate or direct through our email. 

Modicum - Night serum

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